Casa rustica a Bevagna

Want to discover secret places in Perugia and in Umbria?

Want to discover all the extraordinary, secret places in Perugia and in Umbria, the average tourist never will hear about? Perugia . Umbria . Italy Want to go shopping where you will find the real “Made in Italy”, where you still experience exquisite craftsmanship, the unmistakable feeling for style and quality that made Italy famous[…]


Personal shopper: we can solve another problem for you

Not only personal shopper Personal shopper and  travel assistant.  As you may have already experienced many Italians do not speak anything else but Italian. That means unless you speak Italian you might have difficulties to communicate with them, even IF you find them. Your personal shopper speaks fluently Italian and English. We know Umbria well and we guarantee that[…]


Indipendent travel counsellors! Small investment… big advantage for you

Travel counsellors in Perugia and Umbria Indipendent italian Travel counsellors You have to make a small investment, because we do request a modest fee for our work. That gives you the security that we are YOUR independent counselors, we are working for YOU! We are not dependent on you buying anything at the places we show you. And[…]